Round end caps and plugs.

  • Made of:
    • LDPE (plastic), different colors
    • Metal, color: gold or gold and black
  • Dimensions:
    • The most popular Ø 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 100, 112, 120, 150 mm
    • You may order other sizes, please contact us


  • Purpose:
    • Documents, films, plans, maps, shipping, calendars, glass and ceramic items, food, gifts, alcohol and many other

Tubes, made of paper, are an environmentally friendly way to store and pack items. In such tubes, closed on the two sides by end caps, items are protected and easily carried. They can be used to make colorful, elegant and ecological gift wrappings.

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Our cores are produced with the use of high quality papers and adhesives. The wide range of finishing techniques, colors, and dimensions allows us to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

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Paper edge

Paper edge protectors are used to reduce costs of operation, transportation, and storage of goods. They serve to protect sharp edges that can demage stretch film.

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The most commonly used to separate goods on pallets. They are also used to protect the top layer against dirt. They are widely used as a protective measure during renovation, repair, storage and transportation activities.

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Round end caps and plugs.

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Thanks to its extensibility, stretch film became one of the most popular packaging material. It protects against damages and dirt, stabilizing goods on pallets. The mini wraps (with or without extension) allow to wrap merchandises faster and easier.

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Strapping band
& buckles

Polypropylene and polyester strapping bands are used in many packaging systems of all kinds of goods. They serve to manual and automatic strapping. There are two ways of connecting two bands - by melting together and by connecting with metal or plastic buckles.

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Flap cardboard

In our offer you can find flap cardboard boxes in many different dimensions. They are the perfect packaging solution regardless of the type and size of the products that are stored inside. Flap cardboard boxes are used in bulk packaging systems and for easy moving every type of items.

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